Pick up/Delivery Menu

Our craft BBQ is a bold cross between our Texas roots and our competition experiences. We work around the clock to ensure what we serve is fresh off the pit; never reheated.


Perfectly seasoned and slow smoked for a melt in your mouth Texas flavor.

Pulled Pork
Slow smoked, hand pulled, tender, juicy pork.

Chicken Wings
Jumbo seasoned and smoked wings. Sauces served on the side.
$30/2 dozen

Chicken Breast
Thick, juicy seasoned and smoked chicken breast. Served sliced.

St. Louis Style pork ribs. Seasoned, smoked to perfection and lightly sauced.

Turkey Breast
A surprisingly moist, smoked white meat-only turkey breast roast.

Holiday Turkey
Consistently moist and juicy whole turkeys with a hint of creole seasoning.

Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage
A beef/pork combination sausage with hints of jalapeno and cheddar. Made in Texas.

Holiday Ham
Smoked, maple glazed half hams. Available at holidays.


Jalapeno Cream Corn
Sweet corn, in a creamy white sauce with a hint of jalapeno.

Smoked Bacon Mac n Cheese
Large macaroni noodles swimming in a delectable homemade cheese sauce made with fresh local cheeses from Sweetwater Valley Farm. Topped with smoked bacon.

Green Beans
A twist on an old favorite. Perfectly seasoned and slow cooked.

Texas Tot Casserole
A creamy potato casserole with a hint of mushroom, loads of cheese and topped with crispy onions. Made with fresh local cheeses from Sweetwater Valley Farm.

Cole Slaw
Fresh cabbage mixed with our homemade slaw sauce.

Veggie Tray
Fresh cut seasonal vegetables with a side of our homemade ranch. We use as much locally grown vegetables as possible.

Potato Salad
A traditional potato salad made completely in house with fresh ingredients.

Corn on The Cob
Ears of sweet corn smoked with butter and seasoning. Available seasonally.

Fruit Tray
Fresh cut fruits with a side of our homemade fruit dip. No added preservatives. Lots of colors and flavors.

Peach Baked Beans
A twist on traditional sweet baked beans. Smoked low and slow with sliced peaches.

Garden Salad
A fresh salad made with seasonal vegetables, topped with shredded fresh Sweetwater Valley Farm cheddar and croutons. Served with homemade Ranch dressing.


Banana Pudding
A delightful twist on an old favorite. Light and fluffy, topped with toffee.

Lemon Pudding
A light, refreshing pudding, layered with lemon cookies. Especially good in the summer heat.

Fruit Cobbler
A fruit based, breading topped cobbler; sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. A variety of fruits available.

Bread Pudding
A New Orleans style bread pudding with raisins and rum sauce.

Granny Vera’s Apple Squares
A sheet pan of apple pie, topped with homemade buttercream frosting. A family favorite.