On The Farm

I love so much about our small farm life.  I love the respect and responsibility my kids learn from taking care of our critters.  I love eating the fruits of our labor….literally. Homegrown fruits, vegetables and meats are gratifying beyond words.  And I love the sounds of my rooster crowing in the morning and my pigs grunting for food.

But of all the things I love about living on a farm, what hits home the most is this:  With lots of life, comes lots of death.  For every chicken hatched, there’s a pig sent to slaughter.  For every horse that roams the pasture, there’s a dog that’s chased him for the last time.  For every tomato picked from the garden, there’s a chick that just didn’t make it.   Living with this constant balance of life and death reminds me every day to just love them while we’ve got them….our animals, our kids, eachother.  I am beyond grateful for this reminder and this life I get to lead.