“Trees and plants always look like the person they live with, somehow” -Zora Neale Hurston

Which explains why my garden is a hot mess.  This spring,  I picked out a beautiful spot for my garden.  I made a neat diagram with what I’d plant where.  I tilled in some highly pungent mushroom dirt that I hoed into nice, clean lines. I had my tomato cages up before the plants had even sprouted.  I was ready for a magazine-worthy greenscape.

Well, apparently my tomatoes and cucumbers had other plans.  They grew up and out and over, with complete disregard for all of my planning.  They took over all of my herbs I was so excited about.  My Cukes tangled with my watermelons and climbed where my beans grow.  My gordes….well, i just keep finding random vines where those re-routed themselves to.  The corn is a beauty!!  But it’s overshadowing my roses.  My nice clean lines are now just a big mess of green vines and broad leaves!


But somehow, amongst all of this chaos, this garden has produced better fruit than any garden before….just like the person they live with.  Amidst all the chaos and crazy and BBQ and kids and missing home, I feel more than ever, that we’re right where we’re supposed to be, doing just what we’re supposed to be doing.  Maybe that’s why I’ve so enjoyed my garden this year.  Just like my life, I’ve given up on trying to control and contain it; and just enjoy the fruits.

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