So we have 2 kinds of pigs here at the Smokin’ F.  We raise a few Kamps Farm Yorkshire crosses  at a time for our freezer and to sell locally.  They are pretty, pink, fast growing hogs.  They keep our kitchen waste at an absolute minimum…and they taste delicious.   They get names like Pork, Chop, Bacon, and Loin.  We firmly believe happy pigs make better bacon, so ours are happy until the very end.  We butcher each year, cure and smoke their meat, and keep a freezer full.

Be sure to check our Bacon page for more information on curing and smoking your meats.


And then, there’s Fiona….Whose hooves clickety-clack on my wood floors all night long, who sleeps in a cushy bed, who snuggles with my kids, who demands food every morning at 6:30 sharp and has forced me to toddler-proof my house all over again.   She’s not mini or micro, just an adorable 40 lb pot belly mutt whom I adore.



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