101830581_3056880007712982_7321056074277060608_nWelcome to The Smokin’ F in East Tennessee; home of amazing barbecue, southern manners, and harmonious chaos.  We’re a big family with even bigger dreams, a small farm and old fashioned values.  We believe in honoring our God, supporting our country, using ma’am and sir, and doing the right thing….just because it’s the right thing.

A little over 5 years ago, in Montgomery,  Texas, we traded our retired neighbors an old couch for an old home built smoker.  After dragging that heavy pit, with a flat tire, across 2 acres of wet grass, Jay lit the first fire it had seen in years….and the smoke hasn’t stopped rolling since.

Since that day, we’ve competed professionally and successfully in Brisket, Pork, Chicken, Ribs, Dessert, and many other categories.  In 2017, we competed in our first Whole Hog competition in Canton, GA, and ranked higher than even the legendary Myron Mixon.

Smokin’ F BBQ’s unique flavor combines our Texas roots, our Tennessee wings, and our competition experiences.  We may now have bigger, fancier pits and nicer trailers, but our passion is the same as it was the day we dragged that  first pit across the yard.   And that’s the same passion we promise to bring to your table.

So look around, and let us know if we can help you with an event.  Whether it be your wedding, a business luncheon or just a Sunday family dinner, we’ll always provide you with the highest quality of Barbecue and Southern sides with a smile.

To contact us, please call or text Jay at 903.277.7155 or Brooke at 979.436.3482.


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