The F

By far, the question we get asked most often is what the F stands for….Usually with a nudge and a wink.  But nope, it’s not that F word.  Get your mind out of the gutter!  The truth is it’s for our last name; Frankovich.  But in recent months, we’ve discovered that all of the things we’re passionate about are in the F words, too: Faith, Family, Food, Farm and Freedom.

As you read and get to know us, please remember: We pride ourselves on being able to get along with all kinds of people.  We have friends all over the world with all different political views, backgrounds and vantage points.  So right, wrong, indifferent, agree or disagree….we won’t treat you any differently if you happen to see the world differently than we do.   At the end of the day…BBQ brings us all together anyway.  We love y’all and are thankful for you!

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