October 22, 2022: Singer’s Grill Apple Squares

Apple squares; this beautiful concoction where apple pie meets cake.  Two layers of flaky crust sandwiching apple pie filling, topped with a thin layer of creamy icing and pecans.

October 31, 2020: Taking my Home Back…From Technology        

I don’t have many regrets as a parent. Learning moments; too many to count. But actual regrets, few. But I regret, I mean, wish I could turn back time, getting my kids a cell phone.    

August 2, 2018: My Annual Music Video

Last year, I picked a song that fit the year for our family, and filled it with pictures and videos from our farm.  All of you and your big ol’ hearts made it easy to pick the song for this year.  Love, love, love y’all!

April 9, 2015: Like Bluebonnets in the Spring

I’ve never been afraid of getting older. 30 came and went, and I honestly forget regularly if I’m 31 or 32….or 33? I loved being in Aggieland, but was excited to graduate, too. I enjoyed a career, but now love staying home with our babies.   Not that any stage of life is without its difficulties, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of them. I’ve never looked back and wondered where the heck the time went….

January 13, 2015: Confession

A few Sundays back, I said a cuss word under my breath on our way into church because my 3 year old traipsed his happy self through a puddle…in brand new shoes. Not like a little puddle….more like a small pond. And I was already mad we were late. And I didn’t have anything to change him into….

January 7, 2015: Taking Pride in All We Do

The moment I quit expecting more appreciation, I became a better mom. The day I embraced my role as a servant to my family, I began to enjoy each of them more. That very second I became secure in who I am and what my role is in my family, I breathed a huge sigh of relief and quit trying to prove my worth to everyone around me….

June 27, 2018: The Day Our House Burned and Tips for Recovery

I always questioned if my faith would waiver in a time of tragedy.  I wondered if I would cry out, “Why God?”  I wondered if I’d feel abandoned or angry.  I wondered if my relationship with God would falter….

May 1, 2017 : Why We Love Barbecue People

It’s hard to explain cook offs to people outside of the circuit.  Best put; we spend an exuberant amount of money to have a weekend with little or no sleep, in that sultry southern sunshine, slaving over a hot pit…all for the chance to win a trophy and prize money that usually pales in comparison to the amount of money that goes into this hobby.  Yes, we pay to have that much fun…..

January 1, 2017: New Years 2017

I feel like I should have some grand epiphany going into a new year; like some huge plan for my existence starting tomorrow.  But I don’t.  I’m not even big on resolutions.  Because, if I’m being honest, I know I won’t stick to something I feel pressured into.  I’m a rebel like that, I guess.  And New Years resolutions feel like just that; some enormous pressure to change my path….

May 28, 2014: Who We Are

Simply put, we love all things America. Not modern day, whitewashed, over-tolerant America.  Old America.   The one where kids were spanked and adults worked hard for what they had.  The one where families gathered around the supper table and prayed before meals….

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