We’re a little unconventional, but we offer lots of ways for you to get the Smokin’ F experience.

  1. Pick up directly from our kitchen. Click here for the FULL MENU.
    • During the week, we usually have minimum order requirements. Whole meats i.e., a whole brisket, a whole butt, a whole rack of ribs, etc. and whole pans of sides. We like to think of it as family style. Orders can be placed by text, email or call.
    • At the beginning of each week, we post a menu with smaller portion sizes for pick up on the following Saturday. To order, just comment on that post.
  2. Delivery. Click here for the FULL MENU.
    • For orders over $100, delivery is an option, pending driver availability. Fees apply.
  3. Full Catering. Click here for the FULL CATERING MENU.
    • For events over 100 people, full catering is available. In addition to the full meal, you get our smiling faces for 2 hours. For questions or to book, please contact Brooke by phone or text at 979.436.3482.