Bulk Pick Ups/Deliveries

We are always happy to prepare food for your gatherings and family dinners! But they are subject to our availability and pit space.

*This form is for orders 5 lbs or greater of each meat and pans of sides. Anything less than that can be ordered and picked up at the Food Truck or The Feedlot during business hours.

*Due to limited pit space on Fridays and Saturdays, bulk pick ups are available at 4pm.

*We can prepare your order hot and ready to go or packaged for reheat.

*The sooner we can get it on our calendar, the better! But no weekend orders are taken after Thursday.

If you are interested in receiving a quote, please fill out the form below. We’ll quote you via email based on our recommendations for the number of people you indicate. If you’d like to adjust those numbers, let us know.

All requests received Friday-Sunday will be reviewed Monday. Only paid quotes are considered final. THANK YOU!!

Please select one:

Select Meat(s) – 1 lb is 3-4 servings

Fixins – Each pan feeds 12- 20 people depending on what other foods are available.

Desserts – Each pan feeds 12-20 people depending on how many options are available.

Additional Options

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