Is it really God’s plan? 

In times of tragedy, I always hear people say things like, “It’s all part of God’s plan” or “God won’t give you more than you can handle.” While that all may bring a sense of momentary comfort, I just don’t believe that’s true. See, God doesn’t rule this world we live in, so how then can we assume all that happens is his plan? How can we assume all that we are “given” is from above?  
The God I know wouldn’t purposefully plan children dying of cancer, hurricanes wiping out entire states, gangsters doing drive bys or soldiers having to leave families to defend our country. The God I know doesn’t condone rape or abuse or bullying. The God I know doesn’t plan harm on any of us any more than a mother would plan on her child. When Eve chose to eat the apple, she let sin into God’s perfect world. That sin brings the evil and the pain and the hurt that we all face daily in some form or fashion. That sin is the reason there are car accidents and drownings and murders and all of the other terrible circumstances we encounter. That sin is why we live in an imperfect world.

But! What I do believe is that God can take what the devil meant for bad and turn it to good. I believe if we lean on Him through absolutely unbearable and stressful situations, He’ll carry us through, and bring us out on the other side….sometimes with scars but always in triumph. He gives us peace in the turmoil and joy in the fire. While that may not change the outcome of a situation, it will change the way we come out of it.  

So when something goes wrong, start looking around for God to show out. I think that’s where we really see Jesus. His unmistakable peace and unexplainable joy will let you know that He may not have planned it, but He will bring you through it. He’ll send people. He’ll give you rest. He’ll help you smile when you want to cry. He’ll let you know he’s still here. ❤️

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