Our diet is somewhere between healthy and comfortable, nutritious and southern.  Essentially, we love good Southern comfort foods, but I substitute healthy alternatives when possible.  Certain foods are never compromised: My Great-Granny’s Apple Squares; yeast rolls; bacon wrapped…well, anything; or Birthday Cakes.  Never ever skimp on birthday cakes.

I get asked often if I’m sharing the EXACT recipes that we use for catering.  And the answer to that is….well, it’s complicated.  The ones that I share on here are, in fact, what we serve.  But some of the ones that I get asked for the most….like our banana pudding and peach baked beans….we keep under wraps.

Some of these are old.  Some are new.  Some are somewhere in the middle.  But they’re all of our favorites!  So from our table to yours…..

Appetizers & Sides





Main Dishes

Sauces, Soups & Gravies


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