Here a ruff, there a ruff, everywhere a ruff, ruff.  Dogs everywhere!  They shed and chase skunks and swim in the pond so they can shake in my house….just all the things dogs do.  All of our dogs have a different story and place in our hearts.  But I’d me amiss if I didn’t start with our original farm dogs.

When we first met, Jay had Too.  He was a gorgeous Blue Heeler, with a very serious disposition, intelligence far beyond any dog I’ve ever known, and a heart that only cared about protecting his family.

And I had My Bailey Bear.  He was a sweet, snuggly Cockapoo, who went with me everywhere.  He was so smart and always playful.  And while he had to be groomed regularly, he was so content being a farm dog.  He may have been pint sized but he ran the pastures like the big dogs and always came home covered in burrs.

And then there’s Gus.  He’s not the smartest dog I’ve ever known, but his big heart and eagerness to please makes up for it.  We often joke we should have named him Olaf.  But when duty calls, he’s on the front line warding off stray dogs and strangers.

Cooper was a stray.  Several years ago, he and his siblings were dumped at deer camp.  We found homes for the others, but we loved him right from the start.  He’s my Gentry’s boy.  He goes along with her while she jumps and tugs and rides him and follows her around the yard.  I’m certain he’d protect her from anything that came her way.

Ranger.  Oh….Ranger.  I’ve threatened to rehome this corgi away more times than I can count.  He runs from my kids.  He insists on laying under all of my clothes in the closet or in the laundry baskets of clean clothes.  He has skin issues and escapes every chance he gets.  But….I love him.  And I couldn’t part with him or his quirky ways.

And Jay’s newest addition…Cue.  He’s a beautiful, very smart Austrailian Shepard.  He’d rather be on the front porch than laying on the couch like the rest of my spoiled pooches.  He keeps the delivery guys in their trucks and lets our visitors know who’s boss.  He wrastles with Fiona, my house pig, occasionally visits with our neighbors pups and is obsessed with keeping Jake the horse in line.  All in all, he’s all that you could ask for out of a good farm dog.


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