Tips & Tricks

I’ve learned lots of random tricks and tips the last couple of years.  While I’m still no expert, I’m certainly more experienced than I was this time last year.


Keep your water up high, so they don’t poop in it.  Hang it, use a stump, put smooth rocks around it so they don’t kick dirt into it.






I’ve always had oyster shells available to them, but mine don’t eat them.  I do feed their shells back to them though.  They like that better and get their calcium.




Mine love, love, love when I hang a whole cabbage on a wire outside their coop.  It entertains them and me for hours.

  1. I keep buckets on my counter for my pigs and my chickens.  Veggie scraps and egg shells go to my chicken bucket.  So their feed is supplemented daily with scraps and whatever they find while free ranging.
  2. You don’t have to refrigerate your eggs.  You certainly can if you’d like, but eggs have a natural protective coating that keeps them from spoiling immediately.  If you wash them when you collect them, refrigerate.  If you don’t, they make a nice centerpiece or decoration for a week or so. Science and Europeans say longer, but we usually eat ours in that time frame anyway.
  3. Worming your chickens is vital to their health.  If you start getting dirty eggs and it’s not muddy out, you may be overdue for a worming.  I’ve actually never wormed mine with medication, but rather with bleach.  I know, it sounds harsh.  But putting just a tablespoon in 3 gallons of water cleans them out without stopping their egg production or upsetting their stomach.
  4. Chickens pretty much do what they want….when they want.

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