Who We Are

Simply put, we love all things America. Not modern day, whitewashed, over-tolerant America.  Old America.   The one where kids were spanked and adults worked hard for what they had.  The one where families gathered around the supper table and prayed before meals.  The one where women acted like ladies and men respected them for it.  The one where people appreciated those who fought for their way of life.  We love those ‘Merica values and work hard to practice them in our household.

We love backyard BBQs and two-stepping.  We ride 4-wheelers and horses.  We work hard all week, go to church on Sundays, and manage to have an awful lot of fun through it all.  My husband smokes a mean rack of ribs, drives a big diesel truck and never misses a shot (or a good time!)  We have 3 gorgeous kids, who, despite my best efforts, are usually covered in dirt.  And me…I’m a proud wife, mama, and junk finder.  I’m not a master of any one thing, but love to cook, restore old furniture, get wild with burlap and paint signs on old barn wood and pallets.

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